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Blue Metallic Craters

Lea's Story

In 2013, I found myself in a situation most people only think happens in bad dreams. I went from a home of five to a home of two in a matter of 6 months. My daughter joined the Air Force, my oldest son graduated from high school and went away to college, and my husband passed away after 22 years of marriage. My world was turned upside down. I was lost, financially and spiritually challenged, and had to raise a 10 year old boy alone.

​It was then I started to question what my purpose was and what I was supposed to be doing with my life. The Angels had the answer and put a wonderful woman in my path that introduced me to Arcing Light Energy Healing. This started me on a journey I could not imagine and have been embracing. You see, it was with the healing power of Arcing Light I was able to work through and release the grief and other underlying issues to heal. This energy helped to reconnect the mind, body and spirit in order to heal and bring a sense of harmony, peace and well-being. It also opened the door to my "psychic" abilities I had ignored all my life and never realized were even there.

​Shortly after my loss I was led to a new passion – Massage Therapy and a wonderful new life. A wonderful new husband, a new career path, and the ability to help others physically and energetically. Even with this new life I was still being pulled spiritually to question what I had been taught my whole life. What was my life path? What was that thing pulling me inside? Why do I know and feel things I shouldn't and where is it coming from? 

Since the loss of my mother in 2002 I always wanted to speak to spirit. I read book, watched videos, attended webinars, but time wasn't right yet. In 2013 with my husband gone the door opened even more. I went to a medium who had taught herself to speak to spirit when she as 42.  OMG!! That flung the door open for me. I dug in deeper and started surrounding myself with people "connected" spiritually. But it still wasn't time. I still had more of a journey before I understood and connected all the dots. In 2018 I lost my dad and everything finally started to connect.  

I always felt you had to be born with this special gift to connect. The last few years I connected with two amazing mentors/friends that have guided me to open to my abilities and connect to spirit. Here I am now at 53 saying "OH NO, that ain't true". Everyone is connected. Everyone has the ABILITY, not gift. We are all chosen. We just have to sit, listen, breath and ALLOW. And when we get to that beautiful it is.

​​This is my journey now . . . facilitating growth, learning, and development to help you identify the path you want to follow and the person you want to become, guide you on how to get there, or tap into the abilities that have sat dormant for so long. Somewhere within you, there is a nudging, a pulling that is  trying to get your attention – telling you that there is more to you than what you can currently feel, believe in, or understand.


My greatest joy is delivering the messages from loved ones that have passed and seeing the healing the recipient has received from the messages. I always asked universe... Let me touch one person and help them and I would have completed my reason to be here.  How beautiful that I have seen numerous people touched by the messages I deliver. I have truly been blessed to have opened to MY ABILITY of spirit communication.

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