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Shamanic Conscious Integration

SCI involves the retrieval, recovery, and restoration of displaced energy and dissociated quanta of consciousness, integrating them back into the mainstream. This brings multi-dimensional holistic healing that includes the entire chakra system, meridians, aura, etheric bodies, and bio-field. This energy restoration is coupled with a modified and expanded version of the ancient shamanic spiritual practice of “soul retrieval.”

SCI reverses the effects of our physical-mental-emotional-energetic-spiritual fragmentation, aka soul loss or dissociation, caused by specific and non-specific trauma in our lives (including day-to-day stress). This relative and subjective stress or trauma cause our vital essence, life force, consciousness, or soul, to separate from us as a coping mechanism to get through or even survive an experience or series of painful events.​

The absence or diminished quanta of this essential consciousness, the splintering of our sine qua non, causes an energetic disturbance in some or all our energetic systems. This results in, or causes, a sense of disconnection, not feeling whole or complete, and seeking things to fill voids in our life. Depression, lack of physical energy, unexplained sickness, and “not feeling the same since” are symptoms presenting due to the lack, or absence of, foundational qualities and memories of who we are; i.e., our authentic selves.​

Our soul-life force-vital essence circulates energy through our chakra system to our meridian system extending outward to our auric field and etheric bodies; all of which expand into our bio-field that surrounds our physical embodiment. SCI is a neo-shamanic technique and treatment to heal this human condition of fragmentation that is at the root of many problems we may experience in life.

SCI treatments are designed to bring back our natural simpatico to all the previously dissociated consciousness fragments, and align all parts and systems of Mind-Body-Spirit, including our bio-field, integrating them into one unified whole system. To be authentic, we must be whole. SCI assists in retrieving, reintegrating, and recalibrating all our scattered pieces of Self to approach this totality and to truly become our authentic Selves.​

Practitioner Bio

Steve Wagner is a shamanic practitioner, author, member of the Foundation of Shamanic Studies, an ordained multifaith minister, and former AFPA certified personal trainer. He attended twelve years of private education concluding with Little Rock Catholic High. He returned to college later in life to graduate summa cum laude from the University of Central Arkansas, earning two degrees. His study of World Religions at the UCA Honors College prompted him toward a path that ultimately led to the formal study of Shamanism and other spiritual principles. During his training, he participated in the inipi (sweat lodge) and vision quest, as an honorary “fire man.”

He established the Journey Circle at the Academy of Holistic Arts in Little Rock in 2016, In 2020, he developed the Shamanic Consciousness Integration neo-shamanic treatment to heal fragmented or dissociated consciousness segments and soul parts, integrating a full-spectrum chakra healing with traditional shamanic soul retrieval. In 2021, he published Simpatico: Reconciling the Disparity of Spirituality, Ancient Wisdom, and Modern Science, along with An Essential Supplement to Simpatico, available on

For more information Steve can be directly reached at (501) 952-5495.

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